Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Motivational Gun Posters

Okay, not getting political here (so if you hate guns, post your thoughts elsewhere); however, I did think some of these were a 2nd amendment sort of way. Enjoy.


A misinterpreted wave said...

Here is Australia we have totally different gun laws, so much so that it's not that I am anti guns, I just see them as so far removed from my life I don't understand the notion of having them in it. (That's not an anti gun rant -clarifying just in case people thought it was)

However, my Aussie - laugh at the morbid humour loves these. In fact, I had a couple of 'lol' moments.

Hope the pregnancy is going well and that you're not too sick :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

You're right - these are kind of a kick! :-)

Steph Damore said...

Hi Chris, yeah in the US guns are pretty much everywhere, lol. Thanks for the well wishes, too. I'm feeling pretty good. Almost halfway there!

Steph Damore said...

Glad you thought they were funny, Shannon.