Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who needs a therapist?

If been thinking lately about the amount of work Beauty Secrets needs and I find myself wondering if it's worth it. What are my goals? As a new mommy, my time is already zilch, so if I want to write, it would really mean sacrificing the 30 minutes of personal time I have a day, or giving up even more sleep (and I'm seriously not sure that's an option). Now granted, I realize this is what separates the dreamers from the doers. This is the part where the rubber meets the road and whatever other clich├ęs you can come up with. I know I'm a writer at heart. It's what makes me happy. I can obsess over a plot for days until I figure every detail out, and I love reading my own writing (at least I'm entertained) and feeling so damn proud completing a MS.

Anyway, if I'm writing for myself, then why go through the pain of revision and the emotional querying/publishing process when so much of it is out of my control? Tell me? Why do you do it?!?

I guess I know the answer.

Because the possibility of seeing my work in print is just too cool of an idea to give up. And if there's a way to combine self-fulfillment with publishing success, my Ying and Yang will be balanced.

Who needs a therapist when you have a blog? Am I right? What are your thoughts?


Stephanie said...

One thing I have learned through blogging is how unbelievable supportive the writing community is! :) Yeah, no therapist necessary!! wishing you lots of luck!! You just have to jump and see what happens!! Every step is a learning experience.

Stephanie Thornton said...

Congrats on the new mommy-hood! That's really the hardest job there is--writing would be icing on the cake.

And no therapist required--we're here for ya!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Enjoy this time with baby. Write when you can, don't stress when you can't. It'll be there when you have the time and energy to give it. And we're ALWAYS here!! :-)

Steph Damore said...

You guys are the best! I love that I can disappear for 6 months and still have your support and encouragement when I return. You have no idea how good that feels :)