Friday, July 22, 2011

Culture of Cool

There's something fundamentally cool about being a writer. The simple imaginary force required to craft a story is enough to say, "Hey look, aren't I brilliant? Check out what I've written. Love it. Share it."

Not to mention the culture of cool that is the writing community. Talk about support! If you ever doubt your talent, motivation, sanity, just jump on Twitter (no, not off a bridge) and you'll know within two seconds that you're not alone. The fact that writers embrace technology is the icing. Oh Blogger, Twitter, and now Google+, whatever shall I do without you? (Probably write more.)

I'm not sure what I love more about being a writer--the stories I create or the friends I make. What about you? Is it your love of cats that keeps you scribbling away? Or the coffee? What other cliches do us writers adhere to?

And speaking of cool, like the new blog design? It's a work in progress...

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