Thursday, July 19, 2012

Seasoned query pro here!

And now the wait begins. I must admit that I'm very proud of how I've handled the query process this go around. Who's the seasoned query pro now? Second thought, I'm not sure if that's something to brag about.

I have a few theories about the way my resubmission(s) could go (after all I did have 4 agents request fulls before ultimately passing). They are as follows:

1) Agents will see my name in their inbox and think, "Gah! Her again? How many times do I have to reject her?!? Poor girl, she just doesn't get it. What will it take to make her go away?" 

2) Or perhaps they'll think I'm a total slacker and be like, "Wow, it's taken you almost 2 years to resubmit your work? Are you kidding me? Who are you again?" 

3) Last up, and what I'd love them to think is, "Talk about determination. This girl has what it takes. I'll give her a chance and look at her rewrite." After that I'm golden because the book is AWESOME. It's embarrassing how much better it is this go around. Like I said before, the first draft agents saw wasn't bad, but it wan't great either. Nothing like debuting with mediocrity!

Should we start taking bets as to what response will trump? Don't worry, I'll keep track and let you all know what I hear. That is if I ever hear anything back...

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