Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sshh! I'm Writing

Silence. That's all I want when I write. No talking, TVs, lawn mowers, barking dogs, or music - especially music. I'm pretty sure my Muse is shy (that's her on the right). She flutters above my head dropping snippets of conversation ready to bolt at the first intrusion.

But that's just me. Some writers love writing to music - it sets the mood, develops the characters, teases the thoughts out of their minds. I've seen published authors such as Candace Havens and Stephenie Meyer acknowledge the likes of U2, Blue October, Sheryl Crow and Joss Stone in their novels.

Other writers create playlists and sites like Amazon have articles on "Building a Writing Soundtrack". That all sounds very cool. And it makes sense - music is creative, writing is creative - why shouldn't they work together?

Well, because my brain doesn't work that way. Nope, I need silence. It's the only way I can convince my Muse and her gold goddess dust to stick around; keep her from darting off every 5 seconds. Like I said, that's just me. What about you?


Jen C said...

I love writing in silence. However, the suburb I live in is always loud and I need to block out the noise with music. That's why most of my novel was written at work, where there's no noise except for the occaisional dinging of the elevators!

JaxPop said...

Okay - This'll sound strange... I need total quiet when I'm writing (creating) but don't mind "noise" when editing.

For editing - I print everything, grab my red felt-tipped pens & get busy. I scratch stuff out - insert words - draw arrows to move stuff or make notes to expand on a description or personality, etc. 50% of my hand-written editing is done on the beach or at my favorite surfside bar & seafood joint. When I modify the actual Word Doc - it's back to total quiet.

(My Muse - I blogged about him a few months back, picture included, is a cigar chomping toddler named Mickey. He has been a very good Muse.) DE

Steph Damore said...

Hahaha Jen - I too wrote a novel while at work. Wonder if that's why I was laid off?

JaxPop - Hey, I was just talking about your novel today. I was telling my nephew about it while we were at the library. Can I buy it at Amazon? Or should I go through your site?