Friday, August 7, 2009

Who Do You Love?

Plots aren't the only thing that keeps us readers reading. Nope my friend, every now and then a character comes along and Wham! You're in love. So I must ask, who are your all-time favorite fictional loves - boyfriends, girlfriend, lovers, platonic pals, etc.?

Top on my list would be Mr. Darcy. Because I of course make the perfect Elizabeth Bennet (Elizabeth is my middle name after all), and because Mr. Darcy is so elegant and proper. He would be a fun chap to corrupt. =)

And Edward. Oh my dear sweet Edward Cullen--you are a tool. Awesome literary boyfriend, pain in the butt real life boyfriend. Can you imagine dating a guy who was better than you at everything? Besides the fact that he also worships you. So much so that he can't stand to live in a world without you. Sounds poetic, right? Or stalkerish. Nevertheless, I love him still.

Which brings we to Teo Sandoval (Love Walked In & Belong to Me). Not only does he have gorgeous looks (C'mon, the man's half-Filipino, half-Sweedish and his skin glows golden warmth like sunlight) BUT it's not just looks; he's also human. He makes mistakes, acknowledges them, and works hard for those he loves. Good man.

Now, platonic pals would have to be Garnet Lacy (Tall, Dark & Dead). She harbors a goddess in her belly, has an awesome vampire boyfriend, and is a loyal with a capital L friend. Definitely someone worth having on your side.

That's my top 4 - I could write more, and I might have to. But for now that's where I'm leaving my list. What about you?


Laura Martone said...

Hmmm... top characters?

best pals: I'd have to say Charlie Bucket from Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - maybe then, he'd let me visit the factory (I could go for an everlasting gobstopper). Of course, Samwise Gamgee is also a terrific pal - Frodo couldn't have asked for a more loyal companion in The Lord of the Rings.

best boyfriend: Hmmm... that's tougher. Mr. Darcy is pretty dreamy, but I have a big crush on Louis from Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles - he's a sexy vampire with a conscience (and less stalker-like than Edward).

Steph Damore said...

You know, for being a big vampire fan, I've never read The Vampire Chronicles. I think I might have to check them out - especially if they feature a vampire with a conscience.