Friday, November 6, 2009

Why Do You Write?

Who hasn't heard or asked themselves this question from time to time. Surely I know I have and will continue to do so. For me, it's a reminder of the big picture.

Of course I want to be published, but as I continue to plug away with little positivity on that front, I have to remind myself why I continue to write every day. Because I want to. The creativity and stories I have written continue to amaze and inspire me. I'm fully aware of this industry and what I'm getting into, and I embrace it every day (well, most's a little rough).

Writing makes me happy - blogging, talking with you guys, outlining scene after scene. It completes me (you complete me Mini Me. Sorry Austin Powers moment). And I get really cranky, my brain gets all out of whack and I need a V8 to restore my balance when I can't get that prose pondering time in.

Then this whole thought process reminds me of the Movie He's Just Not That Into You, when Alex (Justin Long) tells Gigi (Ginnifer Godwin) that she's "the rule and not the exception." I totally get that. Those authors who query 15 agents and get 12 requests for partials are the exception. These are the same ones who get multiple requests for representation and the publishing houses go into bidding wars over. They're the exception and I'm not.

That's cool. I'm good at playing by the rules. LIP GLOSS & LIES is my third novel (which statistically shows that I'm dedicated and am improving my craft). I read publishing articles, agent blogs and editorial publications. I'm educated, which can only be a positive thing. I network. I haven't yet made it to a conference like I want to, but that's next on my list. And of course, I'm going to keep perfecting my craft. It's not always easy sharing your work with others, but it's key to becoming a better writer. Right now two people offer me feedback, but maybe I should open that circle up...

Okay, I think that's about it. Have I missed anything? Let me know. Oh, and why do you write?


Matthew Delman said...

Short answer: Because I can't not.

Lengthier answer:

Because it's a heckuva lot of fun and an outlet for the insane situations and fantastic worlds that live in my brain. I spent enough time by myself as a kid (not intentionally, but a function of a bunch of stuff) that I had to craft stories to keep myself entertained. Being a writer is just a natural extension of that.

Except this time I'm telling other people the stories. And actually having them interested in reading them! So. Cool.

Wendy Sparrow said...

I write so I can sleep and so my betas and family have a head start on reasons to have me institutionalized. :)

I'm like Matthew. I can't NOT write. I try. When the laundry reaches the ceiling and the kids are drinking out of jam jars, it would be really nice to turn this off. It doesn't work that way for me.

Remember--at the end, Gigi turns out to be the exception. There is always hope.

Steph Damore said...

Matt - I totally hear you. It's so awesome when someone *likes* what you've written and can't wait to read more.

Wendy - You're too funny. I've been reading over at your blog. Whoa, are you busy! And you're right, Gigi does turn out to be the exception. Thanks for the positivity!

J.J. Bennett said...
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J.J. Bennett said...

I have one person I look to for feedback who is editing for me. His imput is very important to me (because I think he's a genuis). But, the real reason I write is my story alone. I owe the story a fair shake because it's a super idea and I feel like I'd let so many people down if I didn't tell it. Somehow it just wouldn't be fair to them or me.

(I hate not being to edit these darn things!)

TLH said...

I love this post. Haven't been able to answer this question for myself yet beyond the fact that really... it's just an impulse, an outlet, a necessary part of who I am like my eyeballs and my big toes.

I left you a little candy on my blog...stop by and pick it up when you get a chance. :)


Laura Martone said...

As with everyone else here, I feel COMPELLED to write. I've always written - since I was a little only child, writing skits to make the family laugh. Hopefully, I've gotten a bit better over the years, but still, what else would I do with my "free" time?

A misinterpreted wave said...

I write because it heals. I write because it makes me see who I am. I write because I like it. I write becasue I want to get published.

Wonderful, insightful and inspiring post. Thanks so much for the Kreativ Blogger award, it was much appreciated.

Steph Damore said...

After reading everyone's posts, I'd like to just say WRITING IS AWESOME!!! Keep up the spectacular storytelling skills and we'll all get THERE someday.